Clarisys 3S Accounting 3.5
The latest version of this package is 4.0. It is now only a 45 day demo. In addition, you are now requested to register yourself. Therefore, we will continue to offer version 3.5 which is freeware.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 15.4MB

Euromat Currency Calculator 1.8.5
The Euromat is an international freeware office and currency calculator with many functions. It calculates the Euro-based currencies as well as the ever changing non Euro currency rates.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 225 KB

Natural Resources Database 1.14
NRDB is a free database and mapping application for developing and distributing environmental databases. Its aim is to provide people in developing countries with a powerful yet simple tool to assist in the managing of their own resources.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 3.5 MB

Textshield 2000 - (Word Processor) vBuild 218
This freeware has features found in commercial software and comes complete with a dictionary/SpellCheck. Newer versions of this program are very unstable and buggy. This older version tested OK in several environments.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 1.54

MIRACL Calc - Multi-Precision Calculator 1.1
MIRACL Calc multi-precision calculator - a fully-functioned calculator that can calculate up to 10,000 places! (Version 1.1 includes a button to generate random numbers, 0>1.)
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 35 KB

A1 Visual Contact 1.46
An Interactive, web-enabled PIM. This is not just an electronic rolodex. With Email client, Browser, and Word Processor, it will reduce the number of clicks in more frequent operations.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 919 KB

Stock Spread Calculator 1.0.03
Stock Spread Calculator is a financial calculator designed to help you make sound financial decisions regarding the buying and selling of stocks.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 600 KB

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