Time Calculator Pro 1.0
Time Calculator Pro is a useful little program with an interactive GUI that lets you add, minus, subtract and divide time values. Newer version is shareware. This older version is freeware.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 16 KB knight_armour Home

Rent vs. Buy Calculator 32, 1.0
Wheatworks Software's Rent vs. Buy Calculator 32 looks at this common decision from an investment value perspective.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 421 KB http://www.wheatworks.com

This program will find the day of any date in the calendar, future or past. You can also generate a calendar of any year for instant viewing on screen.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 34 KB knight_armour Home

Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 1.0.00
This freeware calculator is designed to help you see the future effects of an investment compared to the future effects of using funds to pay down a current debt.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 601 KB http://www.wheatworks.com

Credit Card Checker 1.4
Checks credit card numbers for validity. Can check Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Carte Blanche, American Express (AMEX), Novus, Discover, JCB and all other credit cards of the world.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 435 KB http://www.blueice.org

Pop-up Font List For Microsoft Word 2.0
The Enhanced Font List makes selecting fonts fast and easy. No longer do you have to try and remember what Cheltenham Morning Glory Wazoo looks like...
DOWNLOAD (Word 97)
DOWNLOAD (Excel 97)
DOWNLOAD (Power Point 97)
421 KB
411 KB
435 KB
Woody's VBA PowerTools

Popup Thesaurus Menu for Microsoft Word 97 2.0
The Popup Thesaurus Menu gives you quick and easy right-click access to synonyms, alternative word meanings, and antonyms from within any Microsoft Word 97 document.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 397 KB Woody's VBA PowerTools

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