This useful program makes math and geometry easy by calculating the dimensions of geometric shapes. It also converts all kinds of measurements such as length, weight, distance and temperature.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 40.7 KB knight_armour Home

Date Analysis Engine 1.0
The Date Analysis Engine is a convenient program that finds the day of any date within the Gregorian calendar.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 16.1 KB knight_armour Home

WOPR Word Counter For Word 2000 1.0
The WOPR Word Counter is a Word 2000 Add-On utility that displays a modeless dialog box containing a continuously updated word count for the active Word document.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 207 KB Office 2000 Freebies

WindowsSwitcher for Microsoft Office 97 1.0
An application that allows you to quickly switch between all open documents, workbooks, and/or presentations using the Windows TaskBar and Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 1.8 MB Woody's VBA PowerTools

WOPR Print Tools For Microsoft Word 2000 1.0
A Microsoft Word 2000 Add-On utility consisting of a free-floating toolbar containing three utilities/tools that take advantage of the cool new printing features built-in to Word 2000.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 198 KB Office 2000 Freebies

Oasis Columbus 3.0
Columbus is not only one of the easiest document management systems to use and the world's most popular choice, but is available as a free 'Personal Edition'.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 32 MB

Reservation Portal Manager 1.0
The Reservation Portal Manager software was designed to simplify the task of management for any online booking portal where your hotel(s) is(are) affiliated to.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 4.9 MB

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