BVE - Boso View Express 2.0 and 4.0 Combined
A very nice 3D train simulator. Be a train driver. Take care of your speed, don't drive through the red traffic lights and don't forget to stop at the stations. (2 Versions Included)
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 13.3 MB BVE Web Site (Some Japanese)

  BONG - Break Out Next Generation 1.10
How many levels can you finish within the 7 minutes? The whole lenght at the bottom is your bat, but there is a gap in it. Don't let any ball falls through that gap, else you will lose 5 seconds.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 9.6 MB ABA Games


Cold War Showdown 1.0r
CWS is a first person shooter type computer game, or FPS, style game featuring 3D textured graphics and a wide variety of game settings. (Uses some Flash Animation}.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 7.2 MB C. W. S. Home Page

Duo 2.01
The instructions of this game read as follows, "Shoot Stuff". The game has great graphics and three levels of play. It is fast paced and addictive. Very nice freeware.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 5.2 MB

Horse Race Card Game 1.14
"Yet another excellent coffee-break game for Windows from NZP of Canada ... " Exciting horse racing game played with cards.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 2.1 MB nzp puzzles and games

AllFive 2000 2.32
AllFive 2000 brings to your computer the addictive dice game Yahtzee. The idea is to throw five dice, keep back promising-looking combinations such as three sixes ... etc.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 4.7 MB

ARC - Attack Retrieve Capture
Brought to you by the makers of the online hit game Half-Life/Counter Strike. This is a team-style capture the flag game where you control a little ship equipped with 3 types of weapons
The ARC Installer (Local Server)
The Rogue Server Installer (Local Server)
2.4 MB
1.2 MB
ARC Headquarters

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