Bloody football 0.5.4
Bloody Football is a sports management strategy game which allows you to control the on and off field fortunes of your team. (This is the older, Freeware Version. See Details.)
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 2.1 MB

Capture To Conquer 2.0
Capture To Conquer is a funny board game for 1 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to conquer the board. The game is cool, both to play against somebody else and against the computer.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 743 KB Moor Computer Productions

Checkers 1.0
This checkers game can be played by one player. This is a Puzzle game. It is a computerized version of Chinese Checkers.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 153 KB Checkers Home

Cosmic Pool 1.11
Cosmic Pool Deluxe is just like ordinary pool. Except there is no table. Or gravity. Or oxygen (one of the inconveniences of playing pool in an astronomical setting).
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) Size (Closed)

Demolition Derby 2.0
A game for one to four players on the same computer. You drive a truck in a destruction derby attempting to smash the other trucks in the arena with you into submission.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 3.3 MB

Dots-n-boxes 1.1
2 players play on a rectangular grid of dots by alternatively drawing line segments to connect 2 adjacent dots.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 3.1 MB Dots-n-Boxes Home

Fox Hunting 1.0
The game field is divided into cells and has 10 cells vertically and horizontally. There can be 4 to 9 foxes depending on the complexity level. Foxes do not leave their holes (i.e. cells).
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 475 KB

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