Infernal Contractor II Release 0.1.0 0.1.0
Take on the role of the Infernal Contractor in Mushware's latest creation. This release contains the first episode - The Medical! There is a new Alpha version but it is unstable.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 6.7 MB Mushware Games

NagaSkaki Chess Game 3.07
NagaSkaki is a free, fully functional chess program for Windows 9x, NT and XP. It is available for download and you are encouraged to distribute it to as many people as you want.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 2.1 MB Official Site

Outerworlds 3D Virtual Reality Chat 3.6
Outerworlds is a powerful Virtual Reality 3D Chat experience that lets you visit and interact in fantastic 3D chat worlds built by its users.
Many Options Available Various

Permanent Daylight 1.0
For those of you who enjoyed classic adventure games from Sierra like Space Quest, King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, etc. Primitive graphics but fun to play.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 690 KB Home Site currently Closed

Pharoah's Curse 1.0
Inspired by the classic 8-bit game of the same name from Synapse. Search 16 screens of the pyramid for the Pharoah's hidden treasures.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 955 KB

Snes9x 1.42
A portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It allows you to play most games designed for SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on a PC.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 683 KB

Space Monopoly 1.2
Space monopoly is a board-style game in which players compete to make the most money. Loosly simular to the board game.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 305 KB

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