Modem Logger 1.0
Modem Logger allows you to keep track of how long you have spent online. You can also set it to calculate how much money you have spent online.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 1.4 MB

A small and fast FREEWARE program enabling you to search up to FOUR search engines simultaneously and display the results on one screen.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 440 KB Solway's Software Page

Newspeak Translator 1.0
Newspeak automatically edits your writing to make it: either (a) Old Fashioned & Beautiful. or (b) fashionable and politically correct.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 113 KB Solway's Software Page

Information Palace™ - InfoPal™ 1.0
Fully functional personal information manager for storing your phones, passwords, diaries, tapes, or just about any other collection of items such as coins, stamps, cards, and others.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 374 KB hecnor software

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