A Music Crash Course 1.0
Designed for musicians, vocalists, or anyone who would like to be able to read music and for those who would like to be able to understand more about the music they read.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 284 KB Dave Myers Music Services


Mp3 2 MiniDisc 1.30
Copy music from your PC to your MiniDisc. It automaticly adds some seconds of silence between each track, your MD will recognize this and continue at the next track.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 3.5 MB. Mp3 2 MiniDisc Home Page

Album Selector 3.13
Album Selector is a handy, user-friendly utility for making menu-driven compilation CDs. To organize your mp3 collections is an easy task since you don't need to compile anything.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 620 KB Album Selector Home Page

Anvil Studio 2004.12.02
Anvil Studio ™ is a free Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP program designed for people who want to record, compose, Sequence, or play with music using a computer and sound card.
First Time Install (Local Server)
Upgrade Version (Local Server)

3.3 MB
1.9 MB
Willow Software

Audioblast 1.0
Audioblast is a program to edit sounds. The program works with WAV-files, but can also open and save MP3 and WV. A little slow, but it can do really cool things with your sounds.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 1.4 MB MOOR Computer Productions

CDex 1.51
CDex is a tool to do all sorts of things audio related. Mainly focused on ripping and converting, things like turning your home Compact Disc collection into an mp3 collection.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 1.9 MB cdexos.sourceforge.net

Crystal Audio Engine 0.1b
The Crystal Audio Engine is a multichannel audio engine with Open System Design, which allows Digital Signalprocessing in realtime.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 2.1 MB SITE CLOSED !

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