EchoView Pro 6.0
An integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. A 32 bit package for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME & XP.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 2.4 MB Echo View Pro Home Page

GS MP3 Player 2.2
GS MP3 Player is a cool player which has a lot of useful features. Due to it is freeware, you can use and distribute it freely.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 708 KB

Musical Notation Trainer 2.0
This program helps you to learn musical notation. There are versions for both keyboard or guitar. The later is much more detailed than the former.
Keyboard Version (Local Server)
Guitar Version (Local Server)

99 KB
2.3 MB

Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 and 10.0
Musicmatch Jukebox 10 is the most powerful way to find and organize your music, giving you ultimate control of your music experience. Winner of PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award for Best Music Player - five times in a row !
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) Version 9.0 for Windows 98. ME & 2000
Version 10.0 for Windows XP

19.2 MB
367 KB

Quartz AudioMaster 1.0
Quartz AudioMaster Freeware will allow you to record, edit, mix, share and deliver your productions driving a fully integrated 4 tracks digital mixer, recorder, sound and time line editor in perfect synch with a 16 tracks MIDI sequencer.
DOWNLOAD (Must Register)

Thinking Music 1.0
The "Thinking Music" MIDI player can be used to play any MIDI music file, and offers continuous play as well as customized play lists.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 182 KB Solway's Software Page

Winamp 5.08
Winamp is more than just a player. It's your window to the multimedia world. From MP3s to streaming video, Winamp is the one place you go to feed your audio/video habit.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 4.4 MB Visit Site

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