HyperMap By : hypermap.com
HyperMap turns any image into a comprehensive image map, with each link area becoming a dynamic, drop down menu. Very unique.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 53 KB www.hypermap.com

  PieChart II By: Eric Harshbarger
This applet reads in a formatted data file and displays the results in a nice pie chart; useful for survey results and such. (it is for display purposes only).
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 21 KB www.ericharshbarger.com


3D Rotating Menu applet 1.0
3D Rotating Menu applet. Use as many options as needed. Few layouts for tile positions. Now autofits to to the height of the applet.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 17.7 KB www.fxapplets.com

ClientSearch.java 2.0
This is a search engine applet that searches the site on which it is installed. It is stable and quite handy, however, be sure to read the details section for limitations.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 64 KB ClientSearch Home

Fader FX 1.0
Fader Fx, cross fade banner. Use unlimited number images to fade across. Define url and message for each image.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 11 KB www.fxapplets.com

FreedomAudio is a Web-page streaming audio player. Offered here is the manual install script for adding to a web site. There are many other options available on thier site.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 552 KB www.freedomaudio.com/

LiveCounter Classic 132
An award winning web page access counter which can display up-to-the-minute hits count using an animated odometer-like display.
DOWNLOAD (Registration Required) www.chami.com

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