Popup Menu Applet 1.1.2
A very nice, multi-level, right-click menu for your web site. Very useful as a navigational tool and to disable normal right clicking options. Lots of options and features.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 12 KB Popup Menu Applet Home

Star Wars Scroller 2.0
Star Wars Scroller is just like the intro to the Star Wars movie, except you define what is being scrolled. You can also mix images and text in the animation.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 15 KB www.fxapplets.com

Free Java Tree Applet 1.0
This is a "Tree-type" menu applet. It is very simple and basic. It's easy to use and place into your site. It has some nice features such as mouseover animation.
DOWNLOAD (Local Server) 328 KB www.jpowered.com

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